Our Family Photo Album



My grandchildren graduated from colleges:

Luu Khi Trung from Virginia Tech University on 2016 - Nguyen Tuan Kiet from Virginia Commonwealth Univesity on 2016 - Allison Le from Virginia Tech University on 2017 - Nguyen Tuan Anh from Virginia Commonwealth University on 2012 - Luu Khi Nam from Old Dominiums University on 2010


My Grandson - Le Ba Kien was at the high school graduation ceremony on June 2017 in San Diego, Ca

Tri Ba Le (center) and his nephews Tuan Kiet - Tuan Anh - Nam - Trung at his cousin Lisa's wedding in Las Vegas, NV May 27th 2017


Minh and I have married for over 57 years and we have 4 sons and 4 daughters. We also have 13 grandchildren: 8 grandsons and 5 granddaughters

Le Ba Thong

My Romantic Poem

I wake up in the darkness of the night,
I begin to listen ... a voice ... outside
a fire glowing, dancing in the moonlight.

And I hear a poem spoken softly
a dream. I scrawl words from memory,
to later recreate its poetry.

If I remember that night-time poem
that will make someone and lovers of them
smile or wipe away teardrops of joy, then

my love poem will be worthwhile and so
I will write more poems that will enfold
our dreams and wishes in a loving hold.

My romantic poem will mean as much
to someone's heart as a lover's warm touch.


Christmas 2015 in Virginia