THANKS TO LIFE for another more day

to love every morning when I awake


Surrounding with the emptiness in the endless night
drain drops were falling endlessly in the back yard outside
weak heart beats of a patient at the end of his life
murmuring through the air tube connecting up to eyes

A shadow of beauty from the past appears in a sudden
fading and brightening like old friend almost being forgotten
and floating around the bed before she sat down at the end
bending and whispering in his ear while holding his right hand

While putting her pointing finger on her lips, “Hope” said softly
“i'll be at your side, take care of you to the eternity”
the sound of the "cycler" blends with “Hope's” voices in harmony
the patient falls asleep when “Hope's” shadow is in memories

His face become glowing, his mind follows the fading shadow
beside him there is laying neatly was a long stem red rose
the "messenger", "Hope" has gone but he feels her spirit was close
like the angel from heaven, "Hope" gave the hopeless mind her soul

And dark clouds were passing overhead
crying down on the hidden love nest./.



Buddha taught us that this life is just a temporary one
like a river flowing from its mountain alone
with challenges waiting at every waterfall
and happiness is the peaceful turn for all.

The passengers have chosen their spots on the boat
with luggage are well-prepared and ready to go
The boat captain is only a skillful guide
who steers the boat, the rest is in their minds.

The journey with obstacles and challenges
is waiting ahead for their excellence
to carry out the task or to make a decision
as a coward hiding inside of this vision.

And the voyage will continue with survivors
who reach the river mouth on their arrival,
the finish of their short and complicated life
and the captain returns upstream, again to guide.



This moonlit night, stars fill the sky. I pause
at my window, watching weeping willows
heavy with leaves; out there the wind blows.

The world of love and noises that endure,
compose echoing notes, so very pure
I ache so with love and I want no cure.

The sound of insects echoes my desire.
As fireflies dance wildly in the dark night.
I look up and reach out to the bright sky,

And try to wrap my fingers around stars
though I know my dream of desire is far
nature's orchestra is playing a tune of jazz,

that wakes up the emptiness inside me
with the melody of love to the eternity./.


Mai đây nếu có một ngày,
Xa ĺa đất tạm, thơ này c̣n đây...

Tomorrow if there is one day,
Leaving the temporary world, this poetry remains in place ...

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By Thong Ba Le