Tm Thơ Việt Mỹ

The Vietnamese American Poetic Spirit

Introduction of the bilingual "Poetic Spirit"

(Giới Thiệu Thơ Song Ngữ)

by Thong Ba Le

More than twenty-three years ago, when Vietnam fell under the dictatorship of Communists, there were about two million Vietnamese who were forced to flee for their freedom to countries around the globe.

The exodus lasted for years and refugees finally settled down in these free countries, struggling to raise their families with nothing but hope. They hoped that their children would be able to get a good education so that they could compete with Americans in the work market.

Most Vietnamese parents tried their best to preserve Vietnamese culture for their children. They taught them to read, to write and to speak Vietnamese to one another. The Vietnamese community did a great job in organizing classes to teach Vietnamese to the children so they would not forget their native language. On the other hand, due to their demanding situations, sometimes both parents had to work. If the school systems were too far away, their wishes to have their children attend Vietnamese classes could not always be achieved...

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* My dearest Việt Nam
Việt Nam Dấu Yu
* My Country
Qu Hương của ti
* The Patriotism
Lng Yu Nước
* The Motherhood
Tnh Mẫu Tử
* Beauty
Đẹp nhiều
* Mỹ Miều

1. Biển mộng
Dream Ocean
2. Muộn mng
Over the hill
3. Hạnh phc
4. Ngy no
The Day
5.C Đơn
6. Sứ mạng
The Quest
7. Cảnh gi
The Old Things
8. Đất Mẹ
9. Cảnh biển
The Seascape
10. Khc thầm
11. Tm động
The Uncertain Mind
12. Gic Ngộ
Self Perfection

13. Nỗi niềm mất mc
My Big Losses
14. Chn ngấy
15. Hnh trnh
The Journey
16. Khc Bạn
Memory Of A Friend
17. Thổn thức
The Sorrows
18. Trẻ n lệ
Children in slavery
19.Tử Sĩ
The fallen Soldier
20. Đm tng
The Funeral
21. Ga phụ
The Widow
22. Định Mệnh
The Destiny
23. Gng cm
The Chain
24. Trẻ mồ ci
The Orphans

25. Thư Bạn
A Friend's Letter
26. Bản n
The Verdict
27. Người tỵ nạn
The Refugee
28. Bi chiến trường
The Battlefield
29. Cảm hứng
The Inspiration
30. Biển trăng
Moon Ocean
31. Tu Titanic
The Titanic
32. Căn nh
Home Sweet Home
33. Chn l
The Point Of Light
34. Đẹp
35. Tm thơ
Hearty Poetry


My dearest Việt Nam

(Việt Nam Dấu Yu)

Việt Nam, my dearest country, he whispered
I did not know then but I'll never forget
Everything about the patriotic love and what has he said
'Til I am walking behind his casket and very upset

Now, when leaves of the maple tree are falling
A selfless heart starts longing for
My lost Motherland that lives in my soul across the eastern sea

Distantly but closely to a heart of gold that can not shine
As the sunset is in this western world of mine,
Unless the sun rises from the east for my eyes to see

Yes, I'll never loose sight what he said
Even before my time is up, I will not ever forget
Until my Việt Nam is purified by endless happiness

My Country

(Qu Hương của ti)

Quivering by the Pacific Ocean in the East
Up and away is the Trường Sơn from South to North
Ending with the Cửu Long River that feeds

Half of the Motherland with its harvest crop
Used to be the most beautiful "S" shaped paradise
On the berth of the Indochina with its blue skies
Never stops fighting for its peoples hope
Guided by the spirit of Lạc Hồng's pride

Children of a proud country that fights for freedom
Until their death must continue to pursue
A dream to return and follow the wisdom

To rebuild their homeland what is due
Of happiness and to the fellowship
In the name of Rồng Tin they would keep

Qu Hương của ti

( My Country)

Mơ dải sơn h nước Việt Nam
Yn bnh thịnh vượng một giang san

Cha Rồng Tin Mẫu con đầy đn
O bồng ch bế dn Hồng Lạc
U hoi sng nước Cửu Long Giang
Ni cao sng rộng miền nhiệt đới
Thắng cảnh danh lam biển m khơi
Rừng xanh ni biếc my ngập trời
Yu nhiều nhớ mi Việt Nam ơi

The Patriotism

The night his country was falling apart
He stood silently by