The Vietnamese - American Poetic Spirit

The Time Of My Life

Does it matter anymore, those long days of effort to fight
in vain for idealism and freedom?
Is it useless trying to devote the time of my life
searching for the power of wisdom?

Does it matter anymore for the lost motherland
I once treasured on endless nights and bored?
Is it somewhat meaningless to build castles in the sand
when all the dreams are for brighter shores?

Does it matter anymore for all struggles to cope,
to live a better life and to “keep the faith,”
then to overcome obstacles in the new land with hope,
but finally to realize it doesn’t matter because it’s too late?

As time gone by taking along what has been set and done,
it really matters for me to depart this life as a free person!!!

Virginia, December 2007
Thong Ba Le

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