The Vietnamese - American Poetic Spirit


by Thong Ba Le

In the night, my country was falling apart,
with desperate sorrows in my heart,
I stood silently by and just watched
the quick disappearance of my poor motherland.

In my dream, I leaned over the cliff,
looking straight down on waves so swift...
Far away a ship sails the sea
to find the memories of mine in the mist.

In the cloud, I fly into the past,
over the ocean that once my ship passed;
and the mountains, the islands, the rivers
to see people who are now so sad.

In my soul, I travel through the time,
with the moon hanging brilliant in the sky.
I can see the land I have lost
on the far horizon of my mind.

In my heart, “the far away land” to be
the mother, the father and the sea,
the mountain, the river and the tropic sun
that nourishes my life, my love overseas.

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