My dearest Việt Nam

(Việt Nam Dấu Yu)

Việt Nam, my dearest country, he whispered
I did not know then but I'll never forget
Everything about the patriotic love and what has he said
'Til I am walking behind his casket and very upset

Now, when leaves of the maple tree are falling
A selfless heart starts longing for
My lost Motherland that lives in my soul across the eastern sea

Distantly but closely to a heart of gold that can not shine
As the sunset is in this western world of mine,
Unless the sun rises from the east for my eyes to see

Yes, I'll never loose sight what he said
Even before my time is up, I will not ever forget
Until my Việt Nam is purified by endless happiness

My Country

(Qu Hương của ti)

Quivering by the Pacific Ocean in the East
Up and away is the Trường Sơn from South to North
Ending with the Cửu Long River that feeds

Half of the Motherland with its harvest crop
Used to be the most beautiful "S" shaped paradise
On the berth of the Indochina with its blue skies
Never stops fighting for its peoples hope
Guided by the spirit of Lạc Hồng's pride

Children of a proud country that fights for freedom
Until their death must continue to pursue
A dream to return and follow the wisdom

To rebuild their homeland what is due
Of happiness and to the fellowship
In the name of Rồng Tin they would keep

Qu Hương của ti

( My Country)

Mơ dải sơn h nước Việt Nam
Yn bnh thịnh vượng một giang san

Cha Rồng Tin Mẫu con đầy đn
O bồng ch bế dn Hồng Lạc
U hoi sng nước Cửu Long Giang
Ni cao sng rộng miền nhiệt đới
Thắng cảnh danh lam biển m khơi
Rừng xanh ni biếc my ngập trời
Yu nhiều nhớ mi Việt Nam ơi

The Patriotism

The night his country was falling apart
He stood silently by with sorrow in his heart
Echoing was his victory at sea in the past

Preventing to live unhappily
Avowed to defend his country
That fought against the aggression in order to be free
Reserving the human right and dignity
In the protection of God Almighty
Over the land that stretched along the South Sea
To the tropical jungle of the great Long Mountains and
In the heart of peace loving people to be
Sharing a common goal to fight and to live freely
Many men died to guard their happy country

Lng Yu Nước

Lửng lơ cnh nhạn mờ sương
Ong vng ht nhụy bn vườn nh ti
Nhớ về qu mẹ bồi hồi
Gợi trong kỷ niệm những lời cha khuyn

Yu dn thương nước con nguyền
m trời dịu biển chủ quyền quốc gia
Un đc mộng giữ sơn h

Ngăn ngừa giặc cướp ph nh hại dn
ơc mơ bảo vệ mộ phần
Ơn cha nghĩa mẹ ph vn danh ti
Cờ bay trong gi ngy mai...

The Motherhood

(Tnh Mẫu Tử)

The moonbeams pierce the sky
In the silence of the night
Neither the mother nor her child
Have fallen asleep and are fine

Mom nurses and baby smiles
As the sweet angel so kind
Up in heaven is flying by

The relationship of a mother's life
Unconditional love and everyone knows why

Tnh Mẫu Tử

Trăng khuya xuyn rọi song mnh
In hnh từ mẫu năm canh thẫn thờ
Nng niu m ấp con thơ
Hai tay bm chặt vẩn vơ b cười

Mn m v sữa thơm tươi
p đầu vo ngực của người mẹ yu
U ơ như ni vi điều

Từ tm hồn nhỏ nhưng nhiều tnh thương
Ư thi ... mẹ đ thấu tường...


Biển xanh my trắng cuối trời
E ấp theo gi lả lơi cnh diều
Anh t vương vấn trong chiều
U hoi hng liễu tiu điều bn sng
Theo em t o phập phồng
Y trang mặc vội tay bồng con thơ

Đẹp Nhiều

Đưa chồng lnh biển xa bờ
Em buồn lệ ứa sương mờ hoen mi
Phong sương ch cả nam nhi

Non sng nợ nước th nhi đi đường
Hải hnh cởi sng đại dương
In trong tm khảm qu hương oai hng
Em về dệt mộng thủy chung
U hoi anh vượt ngn trng nhớ ai

Mỹ Miều

My soul, a wintry cold
Your love, a summer night

My mind, the inner hold
It is poetry !!!
Ending and lasting for all time
Universal to you and me


Bright stars, the jewelry of the night
Evening sky's purple velvet
Autumn leaves for camp fires
Under the maple trees, our love sets
Trembling with our beating heart
You and I, we whisper in the dark