The Color of Time

Broken small pieces of the picture of his life
scattered all over the journey of his mind
and this lifetime trek would reach the universal end
not the global finish of mankind now and then.

He began his journey with the new ‘World War’ fear,
crying to welcome life on fourth day of New Year
that was called by Chinese: ‘Year of the New Snake’,
then emigrated to the ‘New World’ with new faith.

And the water lilies kept flowing downstream
along the river with weeping willow’s dream,
away from the place that once he grew,
to the seaside there the sun rose in the morning dew.

He traveled roughly through three wars in distress,
all of them were cruel, he could never forget.
The last torment was not by the enemy’s strength
nor lacking of courage to fight for Motherland.

The ‘Color of time’ went by with grief of yesterday,
sweet memories would stay at the end of the day.

Thong Ba Le

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Time To Say Goodbye
Sarah Brightman & Andrea Boccelli

(Courtesy of songvang.net)