The Vietnamese - American Poetic Spirit

Hold On To Your Dream

by Thong Ba Le

(In memory of the Refugees)

Hold on to your dream!
that is always as energetic as the sunbeam
reflecting from the mirror of your mind
when it lightens up the morning sky.

Hold on to that dream of yours!
Donít let go the precious things that you have lived for:
the family; the happiness and the freedom
that matters to you and others who admire your wisdom.

Hold on to your dream. Itís your life!
like the morning with bountiful sunshine.
Donít give up not for a moment, what you believe greatly:
the idealism; the people and the liberty.

So, hold on to your American dreams!
join hands and blend yourself with the mainstream:
ď...from the the oceans, white with foam...Ē
and this wonderland finally becomes your home sweet home.

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