Thong Ba Le

Nam Dương I
Gió Việt

The earth

From above, it appears to be a large balloon,
colored with blue, white and maroon.
With drifting smoky treks of clouds
above sparkling seas embracing fertile ground.

Closer, that globe becomes a magnificent picture
drawn by angels who protect all creatures
All things that live and thrive
under the azure sky and golden sunshine.

The Earth, our green planet, home of many generations,
was formed by a “bang” on its day of creation
with snow-covered mountains, unending seas,
vast prairies, lakes and soaring trees.

On the ground, cars, trucks, buses and trains
are zigzagging, shuttling, honking on asphalt lanes,
like children’s toys and in video games.
The Earth, after her start, is no longer the same.