The Vietnamese - American Poetic Spirit

Evening On The Plain

by Thong Ba Le

That hot summer evening, the clouds, in fascination,
gathered and crowded, drifting lazily in formation.
Night was dropping its silhouette over the earth with her dark gray petals.
And a chicken hawk broke the silence Ö soaring toward the crescent moon.
Nature seemed to ignore the hanging moon, getting brighter and showing her half pedal
along with stars that would start to blink in the purple sky soon.
The tall green grasses fluttered on both sides of the dirt road.
Wood fenceposts stood straight up, interval in dark and white paint coat.
They seemed like smaller as looking down toward the plain.
Farmer’s fat cows, bells at their necks, were walking homeÖ heavily, making soundsÖ”clink-clank”.
From the distance, the wheat tower printed on the greenish background
and smoke was seen rising and dispatching in the direction of the old town,
there farmers, happy for a productive work day, gathered under dim lights in the small bar to celebrate.
Outside, on the plain, night took over and cloaked the earth with its dark curtain to end a day./.

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