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Dream Ocean

I sail over seven seas to find
an ocean in my sweet dreams
on moving waves and through sunbeams
I reach to other side of my mind

I sail along the blue fins swimming fast
There're no dark shadows overhanging
the clouds flowing with the wind
and above sea reefs two cranes flash

Spaying steam, a pair of whales salute
as if saying goodbye along with the birds
to the soul of a sailor and they flirt
with each other over the surface like chutes

The rainbow shrine in my dream ocean
with gold lobsters and silver seahorses abound
shines under the warm sea. I finally found
my divinity, my paragon, my infinite land

The Seascape

From the horizon the sun appeared on its rays
and the sun brighten up the dark blue sea today.
The stream of light, a laser beam from the rosy sky
showed the steam of air that vaporized up high

The moving wave was rolling like the shady hill.
The seagulls were looking for fishes with their skill.
The dolphins with their thin body were swimming fast
chasing alongside the ship ahead and they passed.

The breaking seaweed was flowing in the water
that carried them to the beach there the birds flew over.
Far away one could see the warship sailing out,
on the horizon a vessel was among the cloud.

And the white cloud was rolling from the ocean,
forming the strange pictures in the sky overhang.
The sea and the sky finally become an unit,
which covered the earth and the life was nourished.

He sat on the rock with his spiritual mind.
He thanked God for the creation of mankind.

Moon Ocean

On the sixteenth day it must be,
the moon goes skinny-dipping in the sea.
A quiet night the ocean is deep,
her hair is blowing in the breeze.

She 's backstroking to see the night sky
where the far stars are so shy.
The universe is suddenly stopping her turn
and the stars are falling to be free.

The moon, with her eyes so soft,
the bride-to-be she has hoped
to the shinning sun in the east,
to begin a wonderful dream in the universal top.

She swims, still in her jewelry so much,
the diamonds blinking with the wind's touches.
Her hunter green jade brightens the night.
The beauty of the ocean moon as such.

A school of dolphins from the sea,
they are surprised and stop to see,
then jump over the surface while they watch
the golden rays pouring from her body.

A bright cruise ship is sailing by.
All lovers are looking to the sky.
Their sweet dreams along with their hopes
are flying with the moon in the night.

Once a month the moon goes swimming.
With her beautiful body she keeps shining
to enlighten true love as she must,
and to bless the kiss of lovers.

Evening On The Plain

That hot summer evening, the clouds, in fascination,
gathered and crowded, drifting lazily in formation.
Night was dropping its silhouette over the earth with her dark gray petals.
And a chicken hawk broke the silence Ö soaring toward the crescent moon.
Nature seemed to ignore the hanging moon, getting brighter and showing her half pedal
along with stars that would start to blink in the purple sky soon.
The tall green grasses fluttered on both sides of the dirt road.
Wood fenceposts stood straight up, interval in dark and white paint coat.
They seemed like smaller as looking down toward the plain.
Farmer’s fat cows, bells at their necks, were walking homeÖ heavily, making soundsÖ”clink-clank”.
From the distance, the wheat tower printed on the greenish background
and smoke was seen rising and dispatching in the direction of the old town,
there farmers, happy for a productive work day, gathered under dim lights in the small bar to celebrate.
Outside, on the plain, night took over and cloaked the earth with its dark curtain to end a day./.