The Patriot

The Patriot

by Thong Ba Le

The woman and her five year-old daughter
who wore the white head bands.
The girl held in her hands her late father's picture
and rushed to the helicopter when it landed.

The rain was falling down from a dark sky.
They came to the funeral, the mother and child.
The never-ending war took away their beloved man
from the family and no one could know why?

The coffin that kept the unchained hero,
was covered with the nation's flag
and laid flatly in the military truck,
then carried to the grave by the uniformed soldiers.

The chaplain was praying in a low voice,
among the gunshots that made a lot of noises,
The hero finally was set free,
his soul flew to the eternity.

They accepted the flag for his honor
The country, the freedom, the people
that what he once fought for.

(Had been awarded by The International Society Of Poets -
"Editor's Choice Award" and published in the edition


Le Patriote

de Thong Ba Le

La.femme et sa fille de cinq ans
qui portaient les bandeaux blancs.
La fille a tenu dans ses mains la photo de son pre
et se sont prcipits l'hlicoptre quand il a atterri.

La pluie tombait d'un sombre ciel.
Ils sont venus l'enterrement, la mre et l'enfant.
La guerre sans fin a emport leur homme ador
de la famille et personne ne pouvait savoir pourquoi?

Le cercueil qui a gard le hros dchan,
tait couvert du drapeau de la nation
et pos plat dans le camion militaire,
puis port la tombe par les soldats en uniforme.

L'aumnier priait dans un bas voix,
parmi les coups de feu qui ont fait beaucoup de bruit,
Le hros a finalement t libr,
son me a vol l'ternit.

Ils ont accept le drapeau pour son honneur
Le pays, la libert, le peuple
que pour quoi il s'est battu une fois.
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Người i Quốc

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