The Time Of My Life

Does it matter anymore, those long days of effort to fight
in vain for idealism and freedom?
Is it useless trying to devote the time of my life
searching for the power of wisdom?

Does it matter anymore for the lost motherland
I once treasured on endless nights and bored?
Is it somewhat meaningless to build castles in the sand
when all the dreams are for brighter shores?

Does it matter anymore for all struggles to cope,
to live a better life and to “keep the faith,”
then to overcome obstacles in the new land with hope,
but finally to realize it doesn’t matter because it’s too late?

As time gone by taking along what has been set and done,
it really matters for me to depart this life as a free person!!!

Virginia, Thong Ba Le

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Performed by Belgian singer Dana Winner


Who Am I?
(by Thong Ba Le)

Tears blur my eyes in the moonlit night,
as two shooting stars go flashing by
like the ones I saw thirty seven years ago,
aboard a fishing boat carrying people as cargo.

I came here with empty hands.
I traveled along lakes, beaches and riverbanks,
across green meadows of this vast country
watching sunsets and sunrises from the horizon at sea.
I wandered through forests, jungles, over mountaintops,
as drenched leaves, heavy with raindrops
wetting everything underneath, strain
and twist and undulate like a soul in pain,
dripping tears, as the keening wind blows
and carries away memories as they flow.
I wondered, then had only began to know,
my kind of pain that endured
and I was too full of sorrows,
awakening in many night, waiting for tomorrow,
thinking of what must be done for my future.
There were times when remembering
of the past would have not enough.
Times my restless spirit need an ocean for inspiring
not the river serene and simple as such.
My soul is still longing for the old country
that dominated by skeletons, ghosts and memory
by a war after another war,
and that pain always stays with me.
I worship in my sadness; I pray for
some goodness, happiness and more.

Who am I? A castle built in the sand?
A ghost of the past? A lost memory bank?
The shadow of my life follows me always
and finally sets me free in the wonder land far away./.

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