Thong Ba Le

Nam Dương I
Gió Việt

The Twister

The tornado was seen coming closer,
the warning siren was sounding behind her.
She ran from the field to the nearby church
and stayed low so she wouldn't be hurt.

The roof of a farmhouse was lifted up,
and oak trees and the lamp poles were shaken up,
a pick-up truck was turned upside down,
in the air one could see a flying cow.

Explosions from high voltage transformers
That located in the path of the twister,
were panes were blown away,
power lines fell down flashing deadly rays

Pieces of metal flew everywhere,
turning counter-clockwise here and there,
they hit unknown targets and destroyed
with the strong wind that made a lot of noise.

It only happened in a few minutes
the tornado finally diminished
the devastating scene was visible
it looked like a dumpsite...terrible.