'Til the poem of mine ... can make somebody smile ...
or wipe off their teardrops ... then it will be worthwhile ...


The Titanic

Together we watched a good movie today.
Our soul was drawn in the play
that told the story of two young lovers,
and the destiny that they had to face.

On the cruise ship Titanic which was named.
They were among the riches and the fame
who traveled on a voyage across the Atlantic,
aboard the luxury ship for the journey.

Their love had begun on that night
with the witness of the moonlit sky.
When the young girl was so depressed,
with herself and her desperate love life.

Above the rails at the stern she planned
to end her sad life by releasing her hands.
So fortunately that someone was on the scene,
and talked her out, that young man.

Their short and sweet love met opposition
from her " fiancée" and from all directions.
They could overcome everything with hope
and with the portrait of her deposition.

In the night after they were together;
on the deck of the lighted ship they preferred,
when the floating iceberg hit the Titanic
and cut deeply alongside of the cruiser.

The ship sunk after she was broken in half.
In a cold night with the help of the staffs,
there were not enough life boats for all.
The young girl survived without her sweetheart.

The end of the destiny love story,
with the tears running when you see
the two young lovers being torn apart,
and their love flew to the eternity.

Virginia, Summer 2018

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by Thong Ba Le

A Far Away Land

The night his country was falling apart,
with the desperate sorrow in his heart,
he stood silently by and watched sadly,
the disappearance of his motherland .

In the dream he leaned over the deep cliff .
He looked straightly down on waves too swift?
Far away a ship sailed the sea to find
his memory and his love in the mist .

Among the cloud he flew into the past,
over the ocean that once his ship passed
and the mountains, the islands, the rivers,
to cry and to see people were so sad .

With the upwind, he traveled through the time,
to the moon hanging brightly in the sky .
He could see the land he had lost that night,
on the further horizon of his mind .

In his heart the far away land to be
the mother, the father, and the east sea,
the mountain, the river, the tropic sun
that nourishes his life, his love overseas.


Poems of Thong Ba Le