by Thong Ba Le

Cry of A Seagull

Words from my heart, this poem of mine
to tell the story of my life,
of those I have loved and lost
my country, my homeland, my mind.
I believed in destiny.
The sad days that came so quickly.
In the wake of the bloody war,
I sailed the last vessel to be free.
Words of a wise man once had said,
the "Rose of the East Sea" will set
on the end of Nguyen Dynasty,
Communists had come with bloodshed.
Day by day I try to forget.
I sit sadly watching sunsets,
I see the seagulls flying by,
then ponder words the old man said.
I feel so lost in my sadness.
I search for love and happiness.
My memories come back with pain,
The warrior was laid to rest.
'Til the good day will come for us.
'Til the sun shines, 'til then we must
remember always "keep the hope",
the spirit of a patriot.
The freedom will finally come,
Vietnamese abroad will go home
and hands in hands we shall rebuild,
Free Vietnam... happy day has come.