The assistances which we received from the Rowe’s family and from other American friends like Mr.and Mrs. Richard and Peggy Davies and Mr. and Mrs. John and Suzanne Bush from the Georgetown Presbyterian Church, Mr. Ron Cooke, Vice President of Giant Food Inc. and CDR Butch Kerr, USNR, my former Navy Advisor at the US Naval Advisory Detachment (NAD), Danang RVN, who opened their hearts and extended their arms to help and took care of me and our family were greatly appreciated and our gratitude to them always memorized by us forever.

USS Barbour County LST 1195

To CDR H.B. Le, United States Navy, Commanding Officer USS Lassen, DDG82

Commanding Officer
USS Lassen (DDG-82)
FPO AP 96671-1299

November 6, 2009

Dear Captain,

Congratulations on your command. I read with interest the press release about your visit to your homeland. I was the Executive Officer of the USS Barbour County (LST 1195) at the time of your rescue. I have wondered throughout the years what became of the myriad people we took on board and transported to the Philippines (Grandy Island). Again, congratulations and enjoy your tour.


Russ Bell CDR, USN (Retired)

“We finally have the opportunity to express our gratitude to one of the people who saved us and gave us a new beginning of our lives in the United States of America. Would you please send our thanks to CDR Russ Bell and his crew (I think he still would have contact with them) for helping and saving us at sea on May 2nd, 1975 and bringing us to Freedom. I still remember that the XO was the one who gave me an envelope and then helped to send my letter from the Barbour County to Uncle Ed Rowe at his parents’ address in Kansas City, MO on the 3rd of May, 1975. It comes back to my memory very clearly now, just like it happened yesterday! God bless the crew of USS Barbour County and their families. God bless the U.S.A.”

(Lê Bá Thông emailed to his son, Commander H.B. Le, United States Navy, Commanding Officer USS Lassen, DDG82 on November 2009.)

The Mutual Friendship:
A surprise visit from Col John, USMC, the friend of my counterpart from VNMA, Col Rowe, US Army
at Arlington Hospital, Va on March 12, 2017


I do take your recommendation for my kidneys failure and as you already knew, I am now on PD program with the cycler about 5 months.
And due to the need of having my daughter to be able to take care of me, we moved to Manassas, Va on last June, and therefore I must decide to find other Doctor in Manassas, closer to my daughter's house.
We are sorry and regret unable to let you aware of our moving and changing the Primary Care Physician...
Again we are grateful for everything you have done to take care our health. We are also very thankful to Kaiser Permanente for providing me full support with the care team of PD.
We wish you all the best and have a safe and happy Holiday season!

Very respectfully yours,

Thong and Minh Le



Thank you so very much for your very kind words. My best wishes for you and your family .


November 23, 2017, 3:53 PM


My email sent to Kaiser Permanente on December 13, 2018 at 12:41 PM to reply to

Dear Sir and Madam,

As a patient in your PERI DIALYSIS (PD) program, it’s my privilege and honor to have the opportunity to write and express my gratitude to my care team at Kaiser Permanente’s PD Department in Tysons Mclean, VA.
My health has greatly improved since my treatment began in March, 2017, with Dr. Tulsi Mehta and her PD care team: Mr. Gezahegn Jivar RN, Ms Amy Bourdeau LCSW and Ms Ryanne Ulrich MS,RD,CSR. Thanks to their professionalism, experience and clear explanations of the program and procedures, I’ve been able to follow their instructions at home. With their support, along with the loving care that I received from my family and with my personal Faith, I’ve become healthier and happier every day, and am able to live a normal life.

I would also like to express my appreciation and compliments to the RN team at Manassas Internal Medicine, especially to Mr. Tito V Bueno, RN. He has gone beyond the call of duty and has worked tirelessly, always with a caring and pleasant manner towards the patients visiting the Internal Medicine department. I am sure that, like myself, other patients feel that they are being treated with care by the nurses and are made to feel very comfortable during their appointments.

Kaiser Permanente should be proud and pleased with how successfully your leaders carry out your vision; your excellent medical staff provides wonderful and loving healthcare to once-hopeless patients like myself around the country.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!!!

Thong B Le

Kaiser Permanente Member since 2006