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Dedicated to our future Vietnamese-American generations. Designed for our future generation of Vietnamese Americans.


The Vietnamese people fought the war against the French Colonists for over a century, during which hundreds of thousands of young nationalists sacrificed their lives to free our homeland. We have all spent time mourning our beloved friends or relatives who died in the cruel war that all but destroyed our underdeveloped country. Vietnam survived only because of her proud and patriotic people.

Every time I sit down to write my bittersweet memoirs or a line of a heartfelt poetry or research the establishment and the passage of my dear Navy, I feel waves of sorrow undulating inside me; I sit and think that I want to escape from this life to the life that I knew before—of a solitary seascape oscillating in the swing of ebb tides, a life of a warrior that was cut short by unwanted war and by destiny. But then, after that momentary wish, I think about the young Vietnamese generations that include my children and my. They are our national treasures, the future of our country and they need guidance in returning to their roots and maintain their patriotic consciences. Each time, this convinces me to renew my pledge to write about our heritage and my favorable experiences.

Effective communication of the valid history of the Vietnamese people is crucial. Naval history plays a great part in the retelling of the war in Vietnam, due to our strategic position and special location in South East Asia. History, in to my opinion, is the events that shape the life of a nation. Future generations will read about our history and will retrieve the truth from it and apply that truth to their own lives...


Since the day the entire Vietnamese people joined forces in the resistance war against the French colonialists to regain independence, sovereignty and freedom for the nation, tens of thousands of Vietnamese people have sacrificed for the national cause. Each of us, many times draped in mourning turbans, wept for our loved ones who lay down in Mother's earth, in a century-long war to destroy a nation's productive potential. slow progress but much patriotism.

Every time I sit down to write down my past feelings or write on paper poems with many national souls or type a review on the history of the formation of a beloved service like today, it is a celebration. more sad than happy again in my mind, so that the author feels his heart aching; I want to run away and leave all that is left in my life in this second refugee homeland, find some distant sea, get away from the mundane world, send the broken body of a sea soldier who has been So and fate separates the dream of life.

But then think of our juniors, the future young generations, the talents and human resources of the nation that need to be guided to return to the source; and maintain the patriotic spirit of this Vietnamese preschool; The author resumes the task of a writer of life experiences and memories. The importance of communicating about the heroic history of the Vietnamese nation, which has played a great role because of the special geographical position and strategic character of the country on the Southeast Asian continental shelf, requires us to record what is related to the Vietnam war accurately, because history is the real events of the "life of a nation" and descendants will read and draw experience to apply use in the living environment and even for themselves in these future generations...

Power Point Presentation "THE VIETNAM WAR IN MY POETRY"

by Thong Ba Le

... La Chu village was located about 11 kilometers northwest of Hue City, on the edge of Truong Son Mountain, west of Highway 1 to Quang Tri Province. His father had heard rumors about French soldiers killing young men and rap women when they were captured. He was understandably frightened for his family and decided to take them to the countryside, away from Hue City until the situation became safer. His father's old friend had moved to La Chu and lived there for years. His father had asked his permission to stay at his house during the attack of French troops in Hue City...

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Organizations and Progressive Activities of the Republic of Vietnam Navy by Commander Thong Ba Le, RVN Navy

(Vietnamese Version)

Background history

The Vietnamese Navy was founded in 1952 with the assistance of the French Navy. In the beginning there were no Vietnamese Naval Officers who had the experience to command. By the request of the Vietnamese Government, the French temporarily continued to be in charge until August 20, 1955, the date that Vietnamese Naval Officers completely commanded the Navy Forces. There were about 2000 personnel from the beginning, with 22 vessels consisting of: Patrol Coastal Escort (PCE), Landing Ship, Mechanized (LSM), Landing Ship Infantry, Large (LSIL), Landing Ship Support, Large (LSSL), Mine Sweeper (YMS) and six River Assault Groups...

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(Vietnamese Version)

Commander Thong Ba Le , formerly of the RVN Navy is a regular visitor to this site. His early emails were an inspiration to get to where it is today. His words of appreciation would be the first Thank You that I have ever received for my time in Vietnam.
"It is my pleasure and honor to have you posted my PTF stories on your website. Thank you very much for coming to Vietnam to help us and being part of our pride to fight against the Vietnamese Communist. Your contribution had helped us to prove to the whole world of our ideal for freedom that we have been fighting for."

Dan Withers

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The following true account of a courageous Vietnamese River Boat officer will help you understand the meaning behind the words on the Statue of Liberty: “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore . Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

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...Perhaps the Journey of Destiny was the destiny for not only the 400 evacuees onboard the fishing trawler, but it would be one of the Journeys of Destiny of my poor Mother land. Millions of young innocent, patriotic nationalists and courageous soldiers died to protect those flags and sacrificed their lives for the cause of Freedom and Democracy for their homeland. Were those sacrifices in vain? ...

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